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Artist, wife,mother, teacher, lightworker and now very happily- grandmother


I am a South African from the greater Cape Town area who accompanied my husband in 2009 to work in Asia. Little did I realise that during this move I would ‘wake-up’ to a part of me I did not know even existed. I  became aware of my souls presence and this event would start my walk on a transformational journey to enlightenment and self-mastery.

This let me on a spiritual journey of discovering and a travel journey to all the major energy centres of the Earth to meditate and connect there.

It started in Singapore, learning to meditate and discovering my chakras and self-connection.

Etresia van Wyk in Signapore
Skydiving in the Himelayas

With my mentor and groups of like-minded people I discovered the Himalayas, Nepal and Tibet during a spiritual retreat with ‘The Golden Space’s Awaken the Divine You’, program of Singapore. During this retreat I loved staying at Nargakot that looked out over Mount Everest.

 Here I discovered that not making a choice of where you want to be in life meant you remained at the same place, and fear was not your friend.

Skydiving in the Himalayas


The plain in the centre of Kathmandu, partly destroyed later

kathmandu Plain
Prayer flags in Tibet
Etresia and doughter in Nepal

Above: My daughter and I in Nepal

Left:  Prayer flags at the temples in Tibet

I chose to move forward. I wanted to know more. Who was I? I decided to do a retreat at ‘The Ancient School of  Wisdom’  in Bangalore, India.

Life and everything to do with this life is sacred, God’s creation was sacred and so was I, as part of it’.

This realization changed my life and views about myself. I learnt how to become quiet inside connecting with ‘me’, about unconditional love, and about being able to create harmony in life even in troubled times and being in a place of deep peace.

School f Wisdom Bangalore

Dear friends and me in India at the ‘Ancient school of Wisdom’ in Bangalore


Still, I felt the need to press on to complete the self-discovering journey I was walking.

During the next retreat in ‘Artsy’ Bali, I found the energy there very strong and discovered an almost visible presence of the two sides of duality, the male and feminine sides, in the air. A primordial energy was strongly present and took some getting used to. Was this an artist’s haven to be experienced and enjoyed too.

‘Only when you give can you receive’ the circle needed to be completed to function.

The lovely ‘Hindu’ people of Bali showed me what unconditional love meant. It became on my most favourite places in the world to be.

Left: Busy with a painting I did after the India retreat about my experiences during the retreats there.

I still wanted to learn more and become more connected to the land and discovering my own truth and moved on to beautiful Thailand and Phuket for the next retreat and discovery of the next layer of myself.

I discovered the ‘magic’ word BALANCE. Life is all about balance. You had to balance all aspects of your being by intent, so it would form a whole. This created happiness. You needed to take time to be physically well, by eating well and sleeping enough. Emotionally you cannot have a closed heart against all and the world, mentally you had to seek your truth, spiritually you needed to stay connected to your whole being, financially you had to learn how to tap into that part of soul- abundance  and  in your relationships you  needed to walk your talk. Words had power and actions counted. It was all about taking responsibility for YOU.

Top right: Our group preparing for the day’s activities in the 

Right: Meditation room of the Bali retreat

Preparing for activities
ATDY Retreat in Phuket
PhiPhi Island

Above: With friends on our way back from PHIPHI islands where the then latest ‘James Bond’ movie was shot

Left: ATDY retreat in Phuket

Still, I was not satisfied and joined the group who moved on to Hawaii and Kauai islands. Here I found my next favourite place in the world, Kauai. What a special energy. Our guide told use that you only visited this island if you were called there for a special healing.

On this retreat I learnt to differentiate myself out of the collective mind set of stereotypes that is ruling the world, and to have the courage to embrace my own truth of being, without any apologies. 

Our retreat group on Waikiki beach  relaxing before a long day of meditation ahead

Waikiki beach

Right: With great friends in Kauai with the ‘goddess of the mountain’ behind us

Sun Gate

I could not decline to see and feel the energy of Machu Picchu next. We spend days meditating in the Inca Valley and of course walking up to the Sun gate, high in the mountains surrounding Machu Picchu.


Here I realised that feeling the intense aloneness of being a human was a lie. So many things that was part of my earlier mind set was a lie. I was part of …everything and I was an important part of this…’everything’. I mattered and how I spent each day mattered. Being here on earth gave me an opportunity everyday of how I chose to spend that day.

Left: I finally reached the Sun gate after hours of climbing up a steep track.

inca ruines

 Sitting amongst some Inca Ruins

Walking the many Ruines

Walking the many ruines

The little hotel at the foot of Machu Picchu hanging over the river

The little hotel at the foot of Machu Picchu hanging over the river

Inca Ruines

After this retreat my husband and I decided that we had to return home to South Africa. The longing for our roots was becoming unbearable. Being home for a year I decided to attend another retreat held in Greece.  I have been there a few times before but never to connect to the islands in a spiritual way. Great was my discovery of ancient history and memories of ancient energy still here.

Now, there was only moving forward and expanding my connectedness to the….’everything’ I was talking about. The question now surfaced of how my love for Africa needed to be connected to this new being of me. I had to complete the puzzle and find that all the pieces fit and had a place. This has occupied the last years of my life and I am still busy finding the answers every day.

Meditating in Greece

Meditating in Greece

Visiting Acropolis

Visiting the ‘Acropolis’ and ruins with friends

Meditation Hall in Greece

Meditation hall  in Greece

Don’t think that this journey was just traveling fun all the time. I had to walk through the valley of darkness and out the other side eventually. Many painful moments were spent during this journey. But it was all worth it at the end. Today I live with great inner peace amongst the chaos of Africa.

I realised I would love to help others who were feeling lost and decided to started exploring and discovering energy healing and completed various different modalities of learning to heal.  I am now practising Reconnective healing.

It became clear that every person had the capability of self- healing and could be helped to realise this fact.

I decided to further my insights into helping those in need, and studied to read the Akashic Records or ‘Book of life’ of a person and how to release past life wounds. Because this awakened a lot of emotion during a person’s session, I also learnt how to release these emotions by using Emotional Decoding. This I practise on animals as well.

I am now happy to assist all in need with a holistic service where we address your whole life and environment. We endeavour to uplift all aspects  with intuitive counselling, facilitating energy healing where needed,  teaching methods of stress control with  meditation and breathing exercises, looking at your soul potential and shifting the problems holding you back by reading your Akashic record and adjusting your physical environment using fresh décor and Feng Shui techniques to align with who you really are so that you are supported

Before I started doing this work full time, I taught art and still loves to paint oil paintings. I have had a few exhibitions overseas and paint and teach to this day.  I also love the art of Feng Shui and uses this knowledge to create supportive and beautiful rooms and environments. Animals have a special place in my heart and my third Australian cattle dog brings great joy to my heart every day.

I am the mother of two grown children and the proud grandmother of a little girl. I have returned to South Africa and now live in the Strand, just outside Cape Town, close to the ocean and loving the water.


+27 79 819 8718

87 Lourensrivier Road, Strand
Cape Town,
South Africa, 7140



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