A Relationship Reading

This reading can be done for romantic partners, between parents and children and between any two persons in a relationship, even for business.

Relationships need hard work to be successful. By reading the information from the Akashic record of both parties, understanding each other can become much easier and how this relationship can help you grow. It will become clear how this relationship will affect your life now and you will understand what needs to be cleared from blocking your relationship and how changes could affect you in a positive way.

During this reading you will discover on a soul level who you both are and we can connect to all the information stored by both your soul’s journeys. By asking question we can also discover what your soul’s potential is for your life here and now.

I need you to provide me with certain personal information and personal questions that you have.

  • I will then connect with your Akashic information and find answers for you.
  • We can then spend time together to discuss this information and its relevance to your life now.

This information will provide us with knowledge about:

  • where your souls originates from
  • your personal gifts and talents to focus on
  • your personality traits
  • We can discover how many times your souls have been together in different lifetimes
  • We can understand how this knowledge acquired, reflects in your life now and what you can change for the better by choosing differently
  • the lesson you can learn now in this relationship and the blockages that are in its way of reaching its potential

I will provide both of you with help (21days of homework) to release and clear the issues that arise and the emotions that you feel so you can move forward.


+27 79 819 8718

87 Lourensrivier Road, Strand
Cape Town,
South Africa, 7140



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