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Akashic Records


  • Select a date from our booking calendar for your Akashic Reading Session.
  • A 2-3 day period is required to complete your reading – booking of time slots will be available in the required time window.
  • Once your booking and payment has been confirmed your will receive a link to complete your reading questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire has to be completed as soon as possible to make sure your reading will be ready for your session. 

During this reading you will discover on a soul level who you are and by working with the knowledge contained in your ‘Book of Life’ called the ‘Akashic Record of your Soul’. Hereby we will come to realise your soul’s potential and purpose. We can discover what is holding you back and what needs to be loved and nutured so you can move forward and reach your potential.

During this reading you will discover on a soul level who you are as we can connect to all the information stored about your soul’s journey ever. By asking questions we can also discover what your soul’s potential is for your life here and now.

I need you to provide me with certain personal information and personal questions that you have.

I will then connect with your Akashic information and find answers for you.

We can then spend time together to discuss this information and its relevance to your life now.

This information will provide us with knowledge about:

  • where your soul originates from
  • your personal gifts and talents to focus on
  • your personality traits
  • how  this knowledge acquired reflects in your life now and what you can change for the better by choosing differently
  • the lessons you can learn now and the blockages that you find in your way of reaching your potential

I will provide you with help (28days of homework), and a healing session  to release and clear the issues that arise and the emotions that you feel, so you can move forward.


   Akashic Lite  – Soul Profile  Reading

One session of 60 minutes

“Soul Potential Discovery” only

Who are you?

Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R1,200.00 1 hour

Full Akashic Reading for Individuals


Full Akashic reading
2 x sessions

  • Counselling about your “soul potential’ and your gifts as a person
  • Discovery and discussing your personal blockages that are holding you back from reaching your potential now
  • Reconnective Healing, Emotional decoding  and clearing of Akashic wounds that come forth
  • 28 day Healing and reprogramming homework given with helpful links
  • Follow-up counselling to discuss the future after 28 days of
  • Follow-up session to be booked at reading

2 x 60 minute Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R2,850.00 1 hour

Full Akashic Reading for a Relationship


Full Akashic reading for Soul-full couple connections
2 x sessions per person + 1 x shared session

Session 1 for each individual person:

  • Counselling about your ‘soul potential’ , discovery and  analysing personal blocks keeping you from reaching your potential,  healing and reprogramming homework of 28 days given and  energy body clearing of 60 minutes

A Grand reveal:

  • Both parties are present to hear about each other’s soul connections and the areas where loving kindness for transformation and compassion  is needed of 60min
  • Follow-up counselling for each person after 28 days of 60min
  • Follow-up counselling of both parties together after 28 days of 30min

Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R4,500.00 2 hours


+27 79 819 8718

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