Soul Potential Reading

Emotional Decoding

This reading is for a person who would like to understand more of who he or she truly are at a soul level. You will discover where your soul really comes from and what your soul personality is.

During this reading I need you to provide me with certain personal information and personal questions that you have.

  • I will then connect with your Akashic information and find answers for you.
  • We can then spend time together to discuss this information and messages from your guides and its relevance to your life now.

This information will provide us with knowledge about:

  • where your souls originates from
  • your personal gifts and talents to focus on
  • your personality traits
  •  how this knowledge acquired reflects in your life now and what you can change for the better by choosing differently
  • the lesson you can learn now and the blockages that you find in your way of reaching your potential


  • Select a date from our booking calendar for your Akashic Reading Session.
  • A 2-3 day period is required to complete your reading – booking of time slots will be available in the required time window.
  • Once your booking and payment has been confirmed your will receive a link to complete your reading questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire has to be completed as soon as possible to make sure your reading will be ready for your session. 


   Akashic Lite  – Soul Potential  Reading

One session of 60 minutes

“Soul Potential Discovery” only

Who are you?

Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R1,200.00 1 hour

Full Akashic Reading for Individuals


Full Akashic reading
2 x sessions

  • Counselling about your “soul potential’ and your gifts as a person
  • Discovery and discussing your personal blockages that are holding you back from reaching your potential now
  • Reconnective Healing, Emotional decoding  and clearing of Akashic wounds that come forth
  • 28 day Healing and reprogramming homework given with helpful links
  • Follow-up counselling to discuss the future after 28 days of
  • Follow-up session to be booked at reading

2 x 60 minute Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R2,850.00 1 hour

Full Akashic Reading for a Relationship


Full Akashic reading for Soul-full couple connections
2 x sessions per person + 1 x shared session

Session 1 for each individual person:

  • Counselling about your ‘soul potential’ , discovery and  analysing personal blocks keeping you from reaching your potential,  healing and reprogramming homework of 28 days given and  energy body clearing of 60 minutes

A Grand reveal:

  • Both parties are present to hear about each other’s soul connections and the areas where loving kindness for transformation and compassion  is needed of 60min
  • Follow-up counselling for each person after 28 days of 60min
  • Follow-up counselling of both parties together after 28 days of 30min

Sessions available in Person or Online (Zoom)

R4,500.00 2 hours


+27 79 819 8718

87 Lourensrivier Road, Strand
Cape Town,
South Africa, 7140



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