Supportive Personal Environment

‘The Art of creating a supportive personal space to live in.

Change the look of your environment and change your life”

It is very important to realize what the impact of our environment has on us and how changing it can assist us with moving into a positive place in our lives.

The look, appearance and atmosphere of a space is a direct portrayal of our emotions about the space.

The experience of the space have a profound influence on our mood and behaviour. Aligning this with yours vibration will create a supportive environment energetically and visually where you can feel relaxed and happy.

All of this can be done by decluttering and organizing within a budget that can be divided into small manageable parts. Even a small change can have a great and lasting effect on you.



 onlyDistance & personal service

This is a 2 hour event where the Akashic Records are consulted to determine any blockages on or in the property. A specific clearing is then done and the space aligned with you

This service is available in South Africa only

R785.00 2 hours


Is this the right house or building for my family or business?

The Akashic Records are consulted to find answers to this question and to investigate any problems given. An interview of 40 minutes follow.

R500.00 1 hour


 Consultation of 4 hours to determine the problem and which road to follow to address it.

  • You can find emotional support in the free ‘spacelift’ program that is done with you
  • Decluttering support if needed
  • Creating a new organised space with the help of basic Feng Shui décor principles to let the energy flow
  • Do it all in small sections that is not overwhelming if needed
  • Do it within a budget

Additional hours charged @ R400/hour

Helderberg  travel cost free

This service is available in South Africa only

R2,100.00 4 hours


  • Select a date from our booking calendar for your Session.
  • A 2-3 day period is required to complete your reading – booking of time slots will be available in the required time window.
  • Once your booking and payment has been confirmed your will receive a link to complete your reading questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire has to be completed as soon as possible to make sure your reading will be ready for your session. 


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